sidered the master of the British comedy of manners. He was a fellow student of. Jonathan Swift at Trinity College in Dublin. The Way of the World () - Now. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The National Arts Centre English Theatre values the feedback of teachers on the content and format of its Study Guides. We would appreciate your comments on.

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    The Way of the World by William Congreve. Adobe PDF icon. Download this document as File size: MB What's this? light bulb idea Many people. But such an approach would violate the whole spirit of Restoration comedy. To enjoy The Way of the World, it is better simply to laugh at Lady Wishfort's futile. Complete summary of William Congreve's The Way of the World. eNotes plot summaries cover all World Literature, Critical Edition). print Print; document PDF.

    Directed and adapted Theresa Rebeck. Folger Library. January 9 11 , Theresa Rebeck's The Way of the World adapt. Rebeck, of William Congreve's comedy opens on a stylish, elegantly sparse stage set that melds the wealthy abodes of the contemporary American elite that people Rebeck's play with art galleries and exclusive boutiques, the sites of commodified display their dwelling places are cleverly suggested to resemble.

    Long in the back like a period dress but short in the front, displaying Mae's legs—the unusual cut of the gown assured to her to be the height of fashion—the gown visually references Mirabell's description of Millamant in St.

    James's Park: "Here she comes i'faith full sail, with her fan spread and her streamers out and a shoal of fools for tenders" Congreve, 2. But while this allusion is easy to spot, it is harder to read. Rebeck's adaptation is ambiguously pitched: it is unclear if we are meant to see the outlandish gown satirically, as over-the-top foppery indicative of the sensitive Mae's alienation from her elegant yet amoral social set, or if, in another nod to Restoration theatricality, we are meant to admire her legs and accept that high fashion is both absurd and desirable.

    These interpretive issues would seem to be central to a play in which we are led to understand that Mae rebels against her world of heightened display and casual cruelty, but these tensions in satire, adaptation, and homage are never really interrogated.

    This professional production of The Way of the Worldwas performed in Washington, DC as part of the Women's Voices Theater Festival, and takes as major themes the income inequality, artifice, and gender politics of contemporary American life. In "From the Playwright and Director," Rebeck states that one of the virtues of going back to the acerbic [End Page ]comedies of the Restoration is its resonance with the Trump-era American political climate, for "Mean became commonplace, even fashionable.

    A play from over years ago suddenly felt powerfully of the moment. Rebeck intends to show the effects of economic inequality in the US, where artifice reigns supreme and "We have replaced sincere human connection with the cattiness of social media and reality TV.

    Through satirizing the idle rich, The Way of the Worldexplores the nastinesss and shallowness permeating modern society" Rebeck, "From the Playwright and Director".

    Yet rather than satire, Rebeck's play falls more into the category of pastiche that Fredric Jameson describes in Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism. Wishfort becomes convinced that he loves her and falls for him.

    Marwood, reveals what Mirabell was up to, her feelings for Mirabell change from love to hate. Undiscouraged, Mirabell has already begun hatching a plan to coerce Wishfort into accepting the marriage, a plan that Millamant learns all about through Foible.

    The Way of the World - by William congreu .pdf

    Mirabell is the only one who suspects that this is going on. Foible and Mincing have witnessed the affair but have been sworn to secrecy by Marwood.

    Unfolding in a single day, the play begins in the morning. In the meanwhile, he is playing cards with his enemy, Fainall. Mirabell hints that he knows that Fainall and Marwood are having an affair.

    Hearing this, Fainall encourages him to marry her.

    The Way of the World, by William Congreve: FREE Book Download

    Later, the two men are joined by Witwoud and Petulant. She shares this news with Fainall and they concoct a plan to ruin Mirabell and blackmail Wishfort. He threatens Wishfort that unless she surrenders her fortune, including Millamant and Mrs.

    He also demands that Wishfort herself agree never to get married unless he permits it.


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