Interactive Catalogs. Peruse each of our catalogs by page, or download the catalog in a PDF format. Power Tool Accessories and Hand Tools (Catalog 71). products in today's Starrett line continue to be the most accurate, robust and durable tools available. This catalog features those tools most widely used on a. Starrett's simple catalog ordering interface allows account creation, selection of Force & Material Test Catalog PDF (MB) · Precision Tool Catalog PDF.

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    Starrett Catalog Pdf

    Starrett's simple catalog ordering interface allows account creation, selection of Force & Material Test Catalog PDF (MB) · Precision Tool Catalog 33 PDF. Notes. The scan was produced by Rose Antique Tools, and is uploaded with permission from Ms. Donna Rose Allen. Identifier. Trade Catalogs- non N&C; Keyword: L.S. Starrett Company Catalog 26 - - Tools - Dial indicators - Levels.

    Likes Received AntiqueMac's date is consistent with the dates which appear in various places in catalog These catalog dates are inconsistent with the "January 31, " date received from Starrett. Starrett "; in upper RH corner is "The L. Starrett Co. Presumably, this "" refers to an official company name change, not to a date of catalog publication. At the bottom of the page are 3 Starrett street addresses, for the NY store, for the London warehouse, and for the Chicago store. Below the addresses is a sentence in Spanish which, translated, says that on request they will send a Spanish language copy of their catalog. Following 2 pages: Following 2 pages: The overall engraving not a photograph of the works from an aerial perspective is labelled "Factories of the L. On the ground plan on the facing page individual buildings are labelled and dated. In addition to the building labelled "Original Factory bought ", there are numerous buildings bearing labels after , ranging from "Factory erected " to "Office Building and Addition erected ". These are labelled in the past tense, and could not be "proposed" buildings. Back cover: The final numbered page of the catalog is page An additional note: I looked at the engravings of the individual tools in the catalog for patent dates, and could find only one example. On page , the Improved Speed Indicator is figured bearing "Pat.

    I would love to own one of those Catalog item No. Originally Posted by bic. Very nice, Great job. The early years get really complex when it comes to the way tools were marked and the boxes. Many of the trade marks were in use long after other tools in the line switched to more modern marks.

    I think it had to do with how long the stamps lasted and how much space there was to mark the tool. Also the boxes get crazy with black, green and red boxes…… Thanks for doing this, it will be a great resource. Originally Posted by rivett I've still got a scriber like the one in the illustration.

    The point is a bit shorter though.

    Index of /Starrett/Catalog/pdf

    Regards Tyrone. I think the late AntiqueMac did a thread that talked about box color years ago. I have to admit that I sold most of my rare early boxes years ago, I decided I didn't collect cardboard…… I had things like a Woodsman's patent speed indicator in the green box that Starrett had relabeled their ….

    No number 0, but I did find these: They will hide in antique dealers' glass cases and may never be seen by one of us who would know what it is.

    STARRETT Decimal

    Originally Posted by Tyrone Shoelaces. Originally Posted by L Vanice. Previously I wrote: Originally Posted by jamesicus. I have composed this web page which relates to my efforts in researching vintage Starrett tools. Several years ago I had the pleasure of touring the Starrett factory. They were still working in the same old building where they had been since the early days.

    Very friendly folks. This easy-to-use dial indicator gives you a quick and accurate measurement in seconds. When interpreting the graph to determine the movable shaft s front and rear feet positions in the ertical plane, observe the following rules: If the movable shaft is above the horizontal stationary shaft reference line the shaft is too high. Moorland Rd. CNC-machined, aluminum shaft clamps, precision dial test indicators and an assortment of related support rods and clamps combine to allow for assembly in a wide range of configurations.

    Complete manual including all spare parts for the Starrett S bandsaw machine. This saves you money. Product Description.

    In stock and ready to ship. Save starrett alignment to get e-mail alerts and updates on your site Feed.

    Dial Indicators. Joseph Shuttleworth worked in Birminham in the first half of the 19th Century.

    STARRETT Decimal Chart.pdf

    Systems and Hand-Held Measuring Instruments. PDF, The rule has a slight yellowing and ever so tiny chips, on one side only, where the pins have been off center when it was closed. From the Starrett website- Ideal gage for checking bearing alignment or shaft deflection without dismantling the engine. If the movable shaft is below the horizontal stationary shaft reference line, the shaft is too low. Coupling Alignment Fundamentals Rexnord, S.

    Manufacturer of Production Metrology.

    If I use the tailstock and turn a shaft down with the two collar method I can get a taper of. The Delta PM pump is a helical rotor pump for smooth transfer of must. Choose from our selection of dial indicator holders, including indicator positioners, indicator attachments, and more.

    Step 2. Travel Machinist's Dial Indicator. Better alignment also means less vibration and higher product quality. In fact, the improvements in machine design were critical to the develop-ment of thin kerf sawing systems. Starrett Company. How to Read a Dial Indicator. Gage Company, permit you to accurately check welds of varying sizes quickly and easily. The set comes in a fitted case for organization and protection.

    Peterson Alignment tools utilize the Rim and Face Method of Shaft Alignment, far and away the most common method - more accurate than straight edge or magnetic base systems and much less expensive than laser alignment tools.

    Look to us for all of your rotating machinery alignment needs, from alignment kits to shim kits, and everything else in between. Extend machine availability and efficiency Advantages of laser shaft alignment Precision alignment pays Good shaft alignment increases the mean time between fail-ures MTBF and reduces power consumption.

    Shaft alignment is a method or procedure by which shafts of machines such as motors and turbines are connected to a generator or pump in proper alignment.

    The Starrett Shaft Alignment Clamp is designed for fast, precise alignment of motors, pumps, compressors, etc. Gary Casteel. View the alignment procedure instructions. The apparatus 10 is used for shaft alignment of in-line rotary shafts, such as shafts associated with a motor and pump, which shafts are intended for connection by a suitable coupling.

    Position Remarks Contact point down normal position — Spindle horizontal lateral position If measurement is performed with the spindle horizontal or contact point up, the measuring force is less than when the contact point is down. Choose from tools such as dial calipers and dial indicators for factory and production environments; to hole, drill, and bore gauges for construction applications.

    The clamping dial indicator locks to almost any work surface to provide precise measurements. A depth micrometer is used to measure the depth of holes, slots, counterbores, recesses, and the distance from a surface to some recessed part.

    Set-up: Guided user interface with step-by-step instructions for easy setup. Shop with confidence. Per the instruction sheet : With a watch in hand engage the point on the exact center of the shaft , being sure the axis of the indicator spindle is held in close alignment with the axis of the shaft. Specifically, can someone tell how to set the spring wire? Starrett's latest catalog has some repair information covering the lever engagement with the shaft spiral groove but doesn't discuss placement of the spring wire.

    Metrology Equipment Catalog Force and Material Testing Catalog L1 Force Measurement Catalog Band Saw Blades Catalog Other Documentation Find user manuals, product data sheets, safety data sheets, and white papers. Also on this page are accreditations, safety data sheets and compliance statements. View Other Documentation. Free Printed Literature Our simple catalog ordering interface allows you to create an account, select printed material you would like to order and have it shipped directly to you at no cost.


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