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Documents Similar To Archie Double Digest. Archie Comic Book Issue Archie comics - betty by koushikhalder. Get ready for fun in this BRAND NEW double digest series! Could a goofy image of Archie in a not-so-flattering sweater from Veronica be the key to an. Archie & Friends Double Digest () Archie & Friends Double Digest ( ) Archie & Friends Double Digest () Archie.

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Read and Download All ARCHIE Comics Online for Free || Free e-Books in PDF ||Free Archie Movie || Direct download from Scribd || PDF, CBR. Download free Archie & Friends Double Digest #29 pdf Archie Comic Books , Archie and the gang won't be in high school forever so they start thinking. World of Archie Double Digest: (). September 16, → · World of Archie Double Digest: (). November 4, →. 1.

Wiktionary says it's correct to use the word to mean cute, but the usage is rare. I think this is another instance of Archie's writers having no grasp on how kids talk these days. Child soldiers, child prostitution, ethnic cleansing, rape, torture, weapons of mass destruction, suicide bombings, slavery, disease warfare, and just plain letting people die of easily treatable illnesses, poverty, unclean water, and starvation. Sure, those I can believe, but stealing pandas!? Brace yourself, folks. This is going to get really stupid. Amazing how the police didn't notice that. Archie is a genius! No, I take that back. Highlight This whole page is incredibly stupid. My brain! Where do I start? Sure, the Q narrows it down.

Angelo DeCesare Art: This fun-packed, laugh-a-minute volume collects pages of the dating drama and classroom commotion that have made Archie comic stories popular for over 70 years! Frank Doyle Art: Archie Comic Super Special Magazine hits the stand in this summer spectacular-themed edition! Various Cover: Frank Doyle, Various Art: This fun, full-color compilation that collects more all-time favorite Archie and friends stories, lovingly hand-selected and introduced by Archie creators, editors, and historians from , pages of material.

Script Frank Doyle, Various Art: How will their friends, family, and especially Archie cope?

Archie Double Digest

Michael Uslan Art: Stephanie Buscema Ship Date: She has an outfit to arrange, paparazzi to prepare for, and Betty to gloat in front of. Barbara Slate Art: Veronica has to face off against Jughead-—in a pie eating contest! Dan Parent Art: Paul Kupperberg Art: X and the Maverick Hunters have their final showdown with the mechanical monsters! Ian Flynn Art: Colin Lawler Ship Date: Mega Man took up his Mega Buster to stop the evil ambitions of Dr. That means Dr. What good would a clone do?

Is he hoping the clone would get killed so he doesn't have to risk his own life? That's just twisted. Is everyone in this comic a moron? Even with a flashlight, Joe Crook here can't tell the difference between a kid and a hat on a stick from ten feet away. What does Jughead gain by this ruse?

They still know where he is and are about to come clobber him. This actually is never even resolved. It doesn't explain what happens to Jughead and just moves on to Archie rescuing the pandas. Junior G-Man? That's the best he can come up with? That doesn't even make any sense! Do your research, people! In typical Archie fashion, the story ends with a half-assed obnoxiously stupid joke. Thanks, guys.

The plot holes here are so numerous, it's my belief that anyone belonging to any of these categories would have a stroke: A cop - "What's that, kid? You trespassed onto someone else's property to illegally obtain evidence and are using this as a basis for me to disturb an influential billionaire in the middle of the night?

Sure, thing, kid. We don't need a warrant. I'll just whip out my gun right away!

Between the police investigators and the news reports, nobody notices a cuff link, and then Archie discovers it right away the next afternoon?

Anyone who works in a zoo, or works directly with large mammals such as pandas. Anyone working for a phone company. Anyone knowledgeable about cars, particularly pickup trucks. I think this is also probably extremely offensive to criminals. I mean, I've never met one, but I think that if I so much as stole a kitten from a pet store, I wouldn't just toss it in the back of a truck and then leave cat food all over the flatbed.

Archie - The Breakdancing Break Brahahahaha!

Archie Comics

I don't know what's funnier. The weird breakdancing guys on the floor with their goofy grins, the smug-looking guy standing on one foot in the most awkward pose I've ever seen, or the fact that everyone appears to be so close to each other, they should all be tripping at once.

Also, didn't the slang term "righteous" stop being used in the early 90s? This comic was released in So they worked out a medley and a dance routine without communicating with each other and they assume it will somehow sync up perfectly?

That's just crazy To the beat, y'all! Is all this exposition even necessary? How badly do we really need to know why Archie's picking up Mr. Weatherbee's car? Did that guy say "Gasp"? And how do these guys know the crooks' names? Does Archie take place in a perpetual wild-west era where guys can get famous for running around robbing banks and get away with it because security technology is just not sophisticated enough? Why did these crooks go to the bother of making this big huge attack vehicle?

Just so they could bust through a wall during open hours of operation? Sure, that's one way to get into a building full of other people who gained access by walking through the front door.

Instead of sneaking in and out, they create a huge spectacle in the middle of a parade, which is bound to have police on-site already, and draw attention to themselves, making it so much harder to get away with it. The first pun was excruciating enough. Smooth criminal here punctuates it with a laugh just to let you know that it's a joke.

But then the teller getting robbed cracks a joke too? What did I ever do to Archie Comics to deserve this?

Okay, this confirms my theory about Riverdale's technology. No silent alarm. No cell phones. They have to yell out the window to a nearby cop.

And of course he doesn't radio in to tell the others what's going on. He just hops in someone's car and pursues them alone.

Archie Digest (Collection)

I have to say, though, this panel rules: Classic. A promotion? For firing wildly at criminals while in the middle of a high-traffic street, in a civilian's car? How did this cop pass the psychiatric evaluation when he signed up? Also, damn, guys! If you're not going to just say "Jay Leno" at least try to come up with an interesting sounding celebrity name.

All you did was change one letter! And it's just the next letter, alphabetically. That's like the least possible effort they could have put into it. I can do that all day.

Look: Niley Cyrus. Xinona Ryder. Cill Paxton. Erew Barrymore. The final "screw you" to the readers of this story: This big "army attack vehicle" made of "welded armor plate" driven by "two powerful engines" can glide!? Hey, and how come Archie and that cop aren't crushed to death? Damn it! Just when I was ready to forget these guys existed.

What the hell, Archie Comics? Do I need a comment?


Oh come on! Breakdancing suddenly makes you an expert crime-fighter? Okay, admittedly the crook didn't appear all that bright, but it's still stupid.


Especially when you resort to an attack where your face is muffled by your opponent's butt. I think I should congratulate the writers. I've heard "moon-kicking step" so often now I forgot why it's even stupid.

Archie - It Came from the Cafeteria You can already tell this is going to be horrible. I don't know if it's the lame lack of attempt at a scientific explanation, or if it's the fact that it's supposed to be a horror comic but has Archie's smiling face on the title panel.


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